abby.jpgSydney and I asked Mrs. Mackenzie if we could start a Book Club for third graders at the Library. She said it was an awesome idea!! We’re all going to read the book at the same time and then talk about it. We’re going to ask Dakota and Zackary if they would like to be part of our Book Club too! I think there are some other kids who would like to come. So we are going to put up signs at school and in the Library.

Mrs. Mackenzie said we can meet after school and she will order pizza for us!! She said she can borrow books from ILL, which stands for borrowing books from other libraries. I’m so excited. She said she would tell us next week which book we will be reading first!!

Check in to see what we are reading – you might want to read along with us, too!


January Snow!!

It has been snowing every day for two weeks!! Two weeks!! Sydney and I have been going sledding every day after school. Mom says our noses will freeze off. Last night I looked in the mirror and my nose didn’t look any different – just red from the cold.

Zachary and Dakota got snowboards for Christmas. They whizz down the hill past us. They make loops and curves but sleds mostly go straight. I told them they have to look out for us but they just laugh. I tried Dakota’s snowboard once and fell off. I’m not good at keeping my balance. I like sleds anyway. We have one big one that Sydney and I both can ride on!

Do you have any snow at your house?


AbbySydney, Dakota, Zachary, and I are back in school this week! There is so much to do! There are groups to join, sports to play, and of course, homework. Our favorite place to do homework is at the library. Sometimes one of our moms or dads won’t be home after school. We can walk right across the street to the Evergreen Library. Mrs. MacKenzie always helps us if we have something hard to do. She finds reference books and lends us markers and colored paper for projects.

When we are done with our homework, we help Mrs. MacKenzie! We put away books in the children’s area and cut out name tags for Storytime, which starts in October! Every nametag is shaped like something fun. Once Mrs. MacKenzie used pigs! I wonder what she will use this year. I know she’s planning a Hedgehog Storytime! Maybe we’ll get to cut out hedgehogs!

Why don’t you check out the book series: Abby and the Book Bunch. It’s about Sydney, Zachary, Dakota and me! All six books have great ideas for kids who want to help out at public libraries!

Your friend,


AbbyIt’s summer vacation in Evergreen! I love days at the pool with Sydney, Dakota, and Zachary. Sometimes Mom packs a picnic and we all pile in the van and go to the lake. I love to be there at sunset. The sun seems to drop right into the water!

We are helping Mrs. Mackenzie at the library, too! We’re putting absolutely tons of books away – carts and carts of them – cause everyone has more time to read!! We’re practicing to put on Fairytale Theater, too! It’s so much fun! We put on Readers’ Theater plays for the preschoolers!

What’s summer like in your town? Write a comment and tell me!


AbbyI love spring! I love green grass, flowers, and riding my bike with Sydney! Do you remember when Dakota ran over the juice boxes with his bike just to see them squirt??! Dakota and Zachary like playing jokes on people. They like to play jokes on Sydney and me a lot! Sydney and I are trying to think of a joke to play on Dakota. Can you help us? If you can think of a good joke write in the comments. We’ll be checking everyday to see what you come up with!

Your friend,



It’s so hot in Evergreen!! Every day Sydney and I go to the pool to cool off. We have to watch out for Dakota and Zackary after they threw  Kool Aid on her hair last summer! Sydney does NOT want pink hair again!

Dakota and I hung a hammock between the apple trees in my backyard – right next to the playhouse. I like to lie in it and read. We didn’t get the ropes very tight so I’m almost on the ground. Sometime I feel like I’m inside a taco! But it’s nice to swing back and forth and maybe take a nap if Dakota doesn’t squirt me with the hose!

I’ve been reading four books a week! How many books have you read this summer? Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment and tell me about it!



 The weather is warm in Evergreen! Skies are blue and Spring has arrived. Sydney and I love walking to the library to pick out books. I like to find a good series and read every one! What do you like to read? Mysteries? Adventure? Historical books? You can Find them all at the Library!


HalloweenTomorrow is our Halloween Library Program!! We call it Lights Out at the Library! Mrs. Mackenzie decorates the Library to look like scenes from different books. All the library staff dresses up, too and they pass out treats! It is so much fun!! We can’t wait!! The Library closes early at 3 and then opens again at 6. Every year the scenes are different. I like to walk through 3 or 4 times to see all the cool stuff! Last year, Mrs. Mackenzie dressed up as FairySockmother. She wore a long green dress and crazy striped green and white socks and fairy wings! She had glitter all over her! Lois will be sweeping it up for weeks. Happy Halloween!!


autumn-leaves-art-wallpaperLeaves are blowing all over Evergreen!

Hi, it’s me, Abby!! Do you want to make some money for your library? All libraries need extra money to buy books, put on programs, and other important stuff like keeping the library warm on chilly winter days.

My friends and I got a great idea – we’re raking leaves to raise money for Evergreen Library! Sydney and I have already lined up 5 lawns to rake! Dakota and Zakary have one really big lawn. All four of us are going to help with the big yard this weekend. Evergreen has tons of leaves! I’ll bet you could raise some money for your library, too. Grab some rakes and have some fun! 


Girl Superhero

Dakota, Sydney, Zackary, and I are helping Mrs. McKenzie plan another awesome Summer Reading Program!! Everyone gets to be a superhero!! We’re making masks, doing super cool science experiments, watching superhero movies, and reading super good books! Have you signed up for your library’s Summer Reading Program yet? I’ll bet there will be lots to do! What do you like best about spending your summer at your Library?