HalloweenTomorrow is our Halloween Library Program!! We call it Lights Out at the Library! Mrs. Mackenzie decorates the Library to look like scenes from different books. All the library staff dresses up, too and they pass out treats! It is so much fun!! We can’t wait!! The Library closes early at 3 and then opens again at 6. Every year the scenes are different. I like to walk through 3 or 4 times to see all the cool stuff! Last year, Mrs. Mackenzie dressed up as FairySockmother. She wore a long green dress and crazy striped green and white socks and fairy wings! She had glitter all over her! Lois will be sweeping it up for weeks. Happy Halloween!!



autumn-leaves-art-wallpaperLeaves are blowing all over Evergreen!

Hi, it’s me, Abby!! Do you want to make some money for your library? All libraries need extra money to buy books, put on programs, and other important stuff like keeping the library warm on chilly winter days.

My friends and I got a great idea – we’re raking leaves to raise money for Evergreen Library! Sydney and I have already lined up 5 lawns to rake! Dakota and Zakary have one really big lawn. All four of us are going to help with the big yard this weekend. Evergreen has tons of leaves! I’ll bet you could raise some money for your library, too. Grab some rakes and have some fun!