AbbySydney, Dakota, Zachary, and I are back in school this week! There is so much to do! There are groups to join, sports to play, and of course, homework. Our favorite place to do homework is at the library. Sometimes one of our moms or dads won’t be home after school. We can walk right across the street to the Evergreen Library. Mrs. MacKenzie always helps us if we have something hard to do. She finds reference books and lends us markers and colored paper for projects.

When we are done with our homework, we help Mrs. MacKenzie! We put away books in the children’s area and cut out name tags for Storytime, which starts in October! Every nametag is shaped like something fun. Once Mrs. MacKenzie used pigs! I wonder what she will use this year. I know she’s planning a Hedgehog Storytime! Maybe we’ll get to cut out hedgehogs!

Why don’t you check out the book series: Abby and the Book Bunch. It’s about Sydney, Zachary, Dakota and me! All six books have great ideas for kids who want to help out at public libraries!

Your friend,