Turkey trouble at the Library!!

Mrs. McKenzie lost her Thanksgiving Turkeys! She has three really big turkeys that go on the circulation desk each year. Dakota, Sydney, and I have looked everywhere for them. We just left the pumpkins and fall leaves up to decorate the library for now. Maybe we could make turkeys to surprise herAbby. Can anyone tell us how to do it?



Hi! It’s me, Abby!! Sydney, Dakota, Zachary, and I are all in the Library’s Puppet Workshop! Next week we have our performances on Tuesday and Wednesday night! All our friends and family are coming to see us. I am so excited! I am in two plays. I get to use a funny white goat marionette in the first play. It’s head bobs up and down and it has a beard! In the second play, I use a fat chicken puppet named Henrietta. I hope your library has puppets, too! They are so much fun!!!

Summer Reading!!

AbbyMrs. Mackenzie just made the flier for our library’s Summer Reading program! There are so many things to do! I want to be in the Puppet Workshop and the Book Bunch Book Discussion group. There are going to be Family Movie Nights every Thursday in August, too! I am so excited! What’s going on at your library this summer?

Abby Spencer

Hi, I’m Abby Spencer! I love volunteering at Evergreen Library with my friends, Sydney, Dakota and Zachary. We help with programs, put away books, and cut out crafts for Story Time. Mrs. Mackenzie, the children’s librarian calls us Abby and the Book Bunch! There are six books about our adventures at the library. Leave a comment about what you like to do at your library and check back soon to see what my friends and I are up to!